Photography is so many different things. For me, it is a positive addiction. I never thought it could affect a person’s life like it has mine.

It’s already been an unforgettable journey of memories. All the moments of time before the photograph is taken, and all the footprints left behind are what I remember most. In every metaphorical sense, I’ve found this hobby-turned-occupation to be all about the “journey.” In the end, the actual picture means little.

Traveling around the world with the camera at my side has been the ultimate reward. Embracing all walks of life, I’m there to interpret. No history book or photograph can translate the actual experience. Once I’m removed from the comforts of home, removed from a familiar language, culture, food, family or friends, only then am I truly appreciative of what I have. When those luxuries are taken away, my eyes are open. Those natural life lessons are hard to capture, yet are most gratifying. The constant reality checks give me a strong sense of placement. They are the little subtleties of photography that most people can’t see.

Photography is an evolving learning process and challenge. It’s an individual’s interpretation of their surroundings with a unique set of eyes. I enjoy the puzzle, the disappointment, the equations involved, the looming cloud of defeat, and the endless creative expression. But most of all, I enjoy the time spent with friends and family, whether it’s on the road or at home. Those are the images and moments in life that cannot be photographed.

– Joey


Joey Meddock is an acclaimed photographer, editor and entrepreneur. He was honored at the 2007 Wake Awards as the Photographer of the Year, and founded The Standerd, an award winning quarterly publication. Joey has traveled extensively to dozens of countries with his camera, capturing fascinating images of life, landscapes, sports, and the natural art that surrounds us. His photography for clients like Nike, Quiksilver, Billabong, Fox, Red Bull, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Malibu Boats, Oakley, Kicker and Jet Pilot has been published in magazines such as ESPN Magazine, Sports Illustrated Kids, The Standerd, Wakeboarding Magazine, Alliance Wake, Waterski Magazine, and more.